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I’m calling bullshit on the attendance.

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Patiently waiting for a Doccubus photo.

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Mustache 2.0 @AnnaSilk #LostGirl (x)

Friends trying to get me to watch a show like

Friend: "You should check out this new show it's awesome"
Me: "I don't know, I'm already watching so many"
Friend: "It's got a great storyline"
Me: ..
Friend: "There is a lesbian couple"
Me: *aggressively binge watches six seasons in a week*


myth fashion

the mermaid ;

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Regina Mills appreciation week, Day 1 → favourite persona: young Regina
Young Regina is my favourite because frankly, Lana’s performance blows me away every time she’s playing young Regina. I can see how much she’s enjoying playing The Evil Queen (especially in scenes with Bobby Carlyle), which is my second favourite, but I personally think Lana really gets to shine in those episodes (particularly in We Are Both). She delivers her lines with Mayor Mills tone of voice, with that now trademark head tilt towards the other person - this is still a young, hurt girl, but her temper, her anger, her future is coming through. This is what I most love about young Regina - and it’s because of Lana’s talent to show us/hint at Regina’s layers. And then there’s the storytelling. The journey to who she becomes later; it’s tragic, it’s messed up, but it’s fascinating to watch. But in the hands of a less capable actress, I wouldn’t buy it. You can dress anyone in the Evil Queen outfit and make her crush a heart to show that she’s becoming The Evil Queen, but that doesn’t make it believable - you also have to be a great actress to sell it. And I honestly think I wouldn’t care if it wasn’t for Lana’s truly remarkable performance.

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